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Approximately every home in the Greater Toronto Area comes with a basement. Taking advantage of the additional space and renovating your basement will add vital functional living space and increase storage and utility areas. Unfortunately, most basements are unfinished or have been previously renovated by inexperienced home owners and have not been designed and developed it properly. It is very common to see poorly insulated basements with illegal electrical and plumbing work, in addition to numerous other deficiencies.

Renovating your basement will most definitely add value to your home. The added value is usually much greater than the actual cost. The most common basement renovation projects will include adding a bathroom, and a large recreational room. Additionally, other important basement renovations to consider include adding and or upgrading insulation, lighting, laundry rooms, wet bars, proper sub-flooring, kitchen, separate entrance, and dry walls.

Stages of Completing a Basement Renovation

When starting basements from scratch, the first step is to inspect the foundation, insulation, and general floor area to ensure there is no damage or large leakage. We begin with the underpinning and new insulated sub flooring and framing. After that, we begin with the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical rough-in. Once complete, we will proceed with a second inspection and then begin to spray the walls with foam. Next, drywall will be installed. The last stage includes the installation of all finishes such as trimwork, flooring, lighting, paint, and fixtures.

Foundation Repairs, Underpinning, and Waterproofing

If you are experiencing leaks in your basement, we can provide interior and exterior solutions. To start, we can apply interior solutions using the the crack injection method and adding an interior drainage system. Exterior solutions are also available, where we can properly excavate and waterproof the exterior of your home and installing the appropriate drainage system.

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